Boundless are the great taste pioneers of the activated nut and seed world! When it comes to flavour they don’t hold back. Their gutsy bags of nuts and seeds pack a punch and cause a stir. Activated using ancient Aztec and Aborigine methods and lavished with bold blends and surprising spices…they’re anything but ordinary.


Boundless soak their nuts and seeds because when you soak them you activate germination – the sprouting of a seed to a plant – which releases all the natural enzymes and amazing nutrients Mother Nature had locked away for the growing process. And you wash away the natural Phytic Acid layer which hinders digestion. That’s why their soaked, activated nuts and seeds are super nutritious, lighter on your tummy and more in tune with nature.


The Wellthos Team interviewed the Founder (‘The Kernel’) of Boundless Cathy Moseley, to find out how she came up with the idea of Boundless, what keeps her healthy and motivated and also what she thinks will shape the ever changing health & nutrition market next.

Founder – Cathy Moseley

01. How did you come up with Boundless? 

We ran a street food stall and was so busy feeding everyone else we never had time to eat a proper meal so we looked for snacks to feed on, but nothing really satisfied us. Either they were tasty and rubbish for you or healthy and unexciting. So we decided to come up with our own. Using an ancient Aztec and Aborigine method we made it our own, challenging the accepted, pushing boundaries, taking risks, exploring the very best ways to make our products taste extraordinary…

02. What’s your go to healthy dish?

For me its aubergine in any form! I love it baked , roasted or blackened. Especially with sumac or harrisa with coriander, lemon and dukka.

03. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

I walk my dog everyday so that is the first thing I do in the mornings, gets the mind clear and focused for the day ahead no matter what the weather. I do kettle bells twice a week and run once or twice a week. I tend to exercise in the morning as that suits my life best, plus there’s no excuses for not doing it for me!

04. What keeps you feeling motivated?

To make Boundless the best we can be. I like food and I like to eat because it brings joy to you instantly but it shouldn’t be a trade off, tasty and un-healthy or healthy and bland. I don’t think as consumers we should have to compromise between taste and health. Being able to give that to people by bringing Boundless to the counter tops around the UK and beyond is what I strive for. 

05. What’s been the best moment for Boundless to date?

Every day is a good day because we are doing something we believe in and are proud of, but the most euphoric moment was walking into a store and seeing it on the shelf. All your hard work, from the idea in your head, to trying it out in your kitchen to seeing it there, packaged, shelved and people loving it, amazing moment!

06. What would be your one wellness tip?

Drink plenty of water. We all think we do but we don’t it’s amazing how much water the body needs and the benefits are brilliant for you. 

07. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?

People taking the bull by the horns and starting their own businesses. It’s not easy to start your own business but there are people out there taking on big corporations and they are rocking it, great to see drive and determination in anyone doing that. Those people inspire me and I have the greatest respect for them. 

08. What trends do you see shaping the health and nutrition market?

As people become more aware and informed of what they should eat and what is in their food the health and nutrition market is on the rise, which can only be a good thing.

Gut health is a fast growing sector as consumers want more out of their food, fermented products, plant rich diets and wellness retreats are all set to continue to grow at a rapid rate. Looking after ourselves is now firmly on the agenda and why shouldn’t it be!

09. Where can we find out more about Boundless?

eatboundless (twitter, instagram, Facebook)