Dr Coys Nutritional Chocolate


About Dr. Coy’s

Dr. Coy’s Health Foods, established in 2014 is an Irish family company with revolutionary innovative nutrition. Developed with renowned, award-winning German biologist, Dr. Johannes Coy, we offer a health food range spearheaded by unique healthy chocolate.
Whilst working in Germany in 2010, Alison Stroh had just had her first child and struggled to find truly healthy snacks for children and indeed adults and in researching a solution she came across Dr. Coy in 2012. Alison reached out to Dr. Coy and proposed to commercialise his invention to bring it to a wider audience. With strong customer feedback, she realised quickly that she was on to something special. She therefore recruited her brother Aaron O’Donohue, a financial services specialist who at that time had been temporarily confined to a wheelchair from a cycle racing accident. Together they saw a massive potential and created a brand befitting Dr. Coy’s invention. The company has been closely working wth Dr. Coy since, collaborating on new product development.  
Our nutritional chocolate with 54% Cocoa uses naturally derived, non-insulin spiking sugars. When compared to regular sugar these sugars offer a lower and slower blood glucose rise without the crash. The nutritional chocolate also contains tocotrienol- a concentrated plant based from of Vitamin E. One bar is 40% of your recommended intake of Vitamin E. So unique it’s patented. Our chocolate has won blind taste tests and both Coconut and Mint have won the 2016 Irish Quality Food Awards. Dr. Coy’s also offers a small focused range of key products to enable free from cooking at home. More info here: www.drcoys.ie/shop

Dr Coy's Founders

We put Director Alison Stroh under the spotlight to find out what she does to stay fit and healthy, as well as who inspires her and most importantly what’s coming next for Dr Coy’s.

What’s your go to healthy snack?

When I’m not making my own snacks, I enjoy one of Dr. Coy’s Nutritional Bars every day after lunch! With 5 great flavours to choose from I’m covered Monday – Friday!

What’s your typical fitness routine for the week or what’s your favourite way to keep fit?
It’s typically a mix of jogs along the coast in beautiful Greystones, HIIT workout sessions and yoga. If I only got to do one of those it would be yoga as its such an all-rounder! 
What keeps you feeling motivated?
Having monthly goals keeps us on our toes but also the knowledge that our positive eating collection helps our customers to manage their blood sugar levels which is the key to a good lifelong health outlook. We are simply motivated by the fact that a small change  such as cutting out refined sugar can make a big difference to peoples health and outlook.
Who inspires you, whether in business or life? I’m currently inspired by the band U2; their drive to constantly outperform themselves and as a strong team to continue to produce inspiring pieces of work after 40 years together.
When you’re not busy running your own business, what’s your favourite thing to do in your downtime? When not working, I’m generally hanging out with my kids which I love. When I have real downtime, I love going to concerts with friends, exploring new cities and food.
What trends do you foresee shaping the nutrition and fitness market?
-The most influential change in nutrition and health in recent years is the vilification of sugar. Sugar is the new fat and has replaced fat as a key consumer concern. Dr. Coy’s offers the consumer viable alternatives to refined sugar and has used these to reinvent chocolate! 
– Snacking is evolving at a rapid pace – snacking occasions are evolving and what is now considered a snack has changed in the last few years. Snacking is now a critical part of the consumer’s on-the go life and I see alternative, premium healthy snacking options as playing an even larger role in the future nutrition and fitness market.
– Naturally Functional I believe this trend has the broadest influence with positive media attention to foods with natural and intrinsic health benefits. Consumers are now faced with more food choices and are actively seeking natural health benefits and functional ingredients for memory and mental focus.


What’s next for Dr. Coy’s?

Dr. Coy’s is currently securing investment. Once complete we initiate our roll-out into the UK market.  We are currently talking to potential retailers and distributors in the UK and will also soon be increasing our staff numbers! We have a really exciting NPD pipeline and are working diligently on exciting projects including a Christmas offering.