Elements For Life Raw Chocolate Kit


Elements For Life Story

Elements For Life Founders

Founders Dan and Paula

“In a nutshell, Elements for Life make an award winning range of raw chocolate products, all free from dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugars. With nothing artificial and packed full of goodness our products are suitable for vegans, diabetics, lactose intolerance and coeliacs. And of course anyone who loves great tastes you can enjoy without the guilt.”

Where it all began

It was an October day like any other back in 2010 when Dan came home one day and his wife Paula turned round and said “I think we should make a raw chocolate kit”.

To which Dan’s instant reply was, “Sure, ok”. And that was that.

With backgrounds in IT and shiatsu, the pair were naturally suited (ahem) to product design and food production. But a little under 4 weeks later their very first raw chocolate making kit was created, an ecommerce website built and on 1st Nov 2010 Elements for Life was officially born.

The Building of Woolley Wonkaland

With a checklist of 4 criteria (close to home, nice country walks, not on an industrial estate and cheap) the search began for somewhere to move the growing business to. As has often been the way during the journery of Elements for Life, things just fell in to place. Its almost as if the cacao wants to get out!

The ideal barn on a farm in Woolley Green, Wiltshire was found that ticked all the boxes. There was just the small matter of turning it in to what we needed. Six months, a sizeable amount of money later, a dedication to Freecyle and the timely help from friends and family (not to mention Dan’s blood, sweat and tears) and we were ready to move in. So it was that in March 2014 Elements for Life relocated from Dan and Paula’s home to a purpose-built facility, that a friend affectionately named Woolley Wonkaland!

We asked Co-Founder Dan some questions to find out more about how he leads a healthy lifestyle as well as what’s next for Elements For Life.


01. What would be your typical food diary?

Lots of healthy fats, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado and so on. Plenty of protein and we keep our carbs low. So no grains or potatoes and not a huge amount of fruit. Our sweet indulgence usually revolves around raw cacao, of course.

02. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

We start each day with a good long dog walk in the country. Then another at the other end of the day. Bike rides are great too, again with our woofers. We love getting out with our pack! Paula is really in to her Yoga and is doing a foundation course. We’ve also started doing some resistance/weight training, but still early days with that!

03. What keeps you feeling motivated?

The lovely feedback and comments we get from customers, especially if they have never experienced healthy raw chocolate before

04. What’s been the best moment for Elements For Life to date?

Ooo difficult, as there’s been so many special moments! Winning our first Taste of the West Award was very special.

05. Your go to healthy snack?

It would have to be our Yummy Scrummy raw brownie. Or an apple

06. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?

Probably seeing the look on someones face when they first taste raw chocolate and get why we love it so much!

07. What trends do you see shaping the health and nutrition market?

Health and well being is definitely becoming more mainstream, with more options available on the high street, and more coverage in magazines and on TV. Long held misconceptions about health are finally, being challenged and overturned. 

08. What’s next for Elements For Life?

Keep working hard and building on what we have achieved so far. Developing new packaging is high on the list, and then getting our raw choc goodies into more outlets and easily available to more people.

Discover more about Elements for Life and their amazingly raw chocolatey range at elementsforlife.co.uk