Discover more about the story behind Karma Bites Popped Lotus Seeds featured inside our August Wellthos box.

Karma Bites is made from popped lotus seeds and my family has been snacking on it for 3 generations. It’s been used extensively in ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  I started Karma Bites for two reasons – to share this incredible and undiscovered snack that I grew up with and for doing a bit of good (sorry if that sounds too cheesy!). After spending nearly 2 decades in the intense London corporate world, I was looking at doing something that has more of a purpose to it and creates a positive impact. I went through a personal setback that affected me and it was during this period that I decided to make a big change – one that’s founded on goodness. The ethos of Karma Bites is simple – Release Your Inner Goodness. I saw the rising popularity of popcorn and I was keen to share Karma Bites with everyone – it’s tasty, packed with nutrients and is good for you. We at Karma Bites believe that goodness is a virtuous cycle – you eat good, you feel good and then you do good. Currently we have 4 flavours (Peri-Peri, Himalayan Pink Salt, Wasabi and Caramel) with many exciting flavours and product variants in the pipeline, all in the goodness space.  

The Team at Wellthos wanted to find out more about the Founder of Karma Bites and so we put Ashwin in the Wellthos hot seat to find out more about the talented person behind this new delicious and nutritious snack!

Wellthos Quick Fire Q&As

01. What would be your typical food diary?

I typically start my day by juicing kale, spinach and berries. Breakfast is generally avocado on half a rye bread with some peanut butter or quinoa and coconut milk porridge with nuts. I snack on Karma Bites throughout the day – they are nutritious, yummy and keep those hunger pangs at bay. Lunch is generally a salad with some form of protein (tofu or seitan). Evening snack varies between nuts / seeds, an apple or banana. Dinner is lentils, lots of green vegetables, brown rice or an oat pancake. My sweet fix is homemade dates / seeds / almond bites – packed with taste and goodness.

02. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

I don’t use gyms – all my workouts are done outdoors in the park. Lots of functional training, movement and agility building workouts are my preferred methods of training. I throw in a bit of calisthenics, yoga and a hectic spin session in the mix.

03. What keeps you feeling motivated?

Right now, my life is Karma Bites – bringing this undiscovered snack that is packed with goodness and sharing it with everyone out there is hugely motivating. I strongly believe that goodness is due a comeback and it’s this ethos that drives and motivates me.  After working in various corporate roles in different parts of the world, one realises what’s really important and finally it all comes down to the simple values in life – like goodness!

04. What’s been the best moment for Karma Bites to date?

Every time a customer comes to me excited about discovering Karma Bites. These are the special moments and make the whole thing totally worth every bit of effort! Getting covered by major new publications and being endorsed by a few celebrities have been pretty exciting moments as well.

05. Your go to healthy snack?

Karma Bites (obviously!) but I’ve started making dates / nuts / seeds bites that I’m obsessing over right now.

06. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?

Definitely my mum. She is inspirational, supportive, loving and caring – all these things rolled into one. Her philosophy in life has always been work hard, be kind and the rest will just follow.    

07. What trends do you see shaping the nutrition and fitness market?

Wellbeing snacks, sustainable sourcing and an interest in the narrative / backstory of what we eat will start gaining more prominence. I believe that the focus will be on more movement-based fitness forms that really allows us to maximise the potential of our bodies. Also, a bigger move towards bodyweight training and more holistic fitness goals rather than just the aesthetic will be a bigger trend.  

08. What’s next for Karma Bites?

We’ve got several exciting things in the pipeline – more flavours, expanding our product range and some very new and unheard-of products that we hope you’ll all love very much. SO looking forward to sharing these with you.

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