Love You Live Happy (LYLH) is a Health & Wellbeing coaching service, designed to help you learn to love yourself by working towards your wellbeing goals, and live a happy and balanced lifestyle. LYLH isn’t just about what you eat, or how often you exercise, but rather all four foundations of health which together make up your wellbeing profile.


In 2018, LYLH launched a range of wellbeing products to help compliment a healthy and balanced lifestyle including breakfast toppers and turmeric latte blends, all hand mixed by the brand’s founder Jean Sayers.

After spending over 10 years sitting at a desk 9-5 and watching the health of her family and those around her suffer, Jean wanted to help people make positive health choices, and launched LYLH after receiving a Diploma in Health Coaching with Distinction.


We wanted to find out more about the talented and inspirational woman behind LYLH and so put Jean Sayers in the Wellthos hot seat to discover more.


01. How did you come up with Love You Live Happy?

Whilst watching those around me suffer from some pretty tough health difficulties, I realised that your health is the most important gift you have been given, and you have to protect it. I established Love You Live Happy to offer health coaching solutions to anyone who might need a little support on their wellbeing journey. Shortly after it was established, I realised I was regularly recommending the same tweaks to my client’s lifestyle, higher in-take of good fats, and natural anti-inflammatories, and that’s when I created my range of breakfast toppers and turmeric blends.

02. What’s your go to healthy dish?

I love salmon, I have it at least once a week, simply roasted and usually with a homemade Asian dressing and raw veg salad. Or anything with roasted cauliflower – usually tossed in turmeric!

If I’m just after a quick snack, I’ll usually grab some Greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of LYLH Cacao-Chia breakfast topper.

03. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

My fitness routine changes depending on my wellbeing goals at the time. If I’m training for a half marathon I’ll do more running and focus on stretching and flexibility to reduce injury. Other times I might do more free weight exercises, or if I’m feeling stressed out, I’ll do more yoga or Les Mills BodyBalance classes (which I love!). Usually though, I’ll try to do at least one spin class, a bootcamp, a yoga-style and a free weights workout in a week. Too much of the same and I just get bored!

04. What keeps you feeling motivated?

I think just knowing you’re doing your body some good is enough motivation for me!

05. What’s been the best moment for Love You Live Happy to date?

Well of course that would be seeing my products in the Wellthos box! I’m really pleased that they will be going out for more and more people to enjoy!

I’d also have the say, my first “thank you” from the very first client I coached. I went into Health Coaching to help others make positive health choices and seeing people you’ve helped make progress on their journey is an amazing feeling.

06. What would be your one wellness tip?

Find something you love. Whether it’s taking up a new hobby, or new dietary choices – fall in love with it and you’ll see so much more than just physical success.

07. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?

Without a doubt, I’m massively inspired by my father, a very successful sportsman turn businessman and now gradual retiree, he introduced me to one of my favourite health products, kombucha! And at the grand old age of 67, he’s still planning his next bike trip from Lands End to John O’Groats!

But I would also say my daughter inspires me to keep spreading my message. I want to help her generation realise that your health is so much more that what you eat and how you look.

08. What trends do you see shaping the health and nutrition market?

I definitely think there is going to be a shift back to basics. We’ve been overcomplicating it with macro tracking and VO₂ max rates for too long – I’m looking forward to going back to an “eat a little better, move a little more, rest up and chill out” approach. Just as we’re starting to see a “phone detox” movement, I think the same to come with health in time. Less gimmicks, greater results.

09. Where can we find out more about Love You Live Happy?

You can read all about us at or on facebook @loveyoulivehappy or Instagram @love_you_live_happy. I always promise to reply to every message I get, so do feel free to get in touch 😊