All of us at Wellthos HQ have loved featuring Pebbles Pantry healthy baking mixes in our monthly boxes and we thought it was about time we found out more about Vivian the amazing Founder behind the brand.

About Pebbles Pantry

The principles that Pebbles Pantry products adhere to have been part of my life since discovering I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with our first child. My husband also learned that he had type 2 diabetes shortly after that. A total change in diet resulted in a complete reversal and prevented me getting gestational diabetes with our second child.

I’ve always loved baking, but before that the things I was baking were not healthy at all. I started creating healthy, grain-free, nutrient dense recipes that my family loved. When friends and family started giving compliments I realised I could make a commercially viable business out of my favourite hobby; Pebbles Pantry was born.

Founder Quick Fire Q&A

01. What would be your typical food diary? 

Eating according to hunger is a core principle in the Paleo/Primal lifestyle philosophy. This means there really is no such thing a typical day’s food diary, so i’ll give two examples but it could go anywhere in between.

Have a cup of tea upon awaking in the morning, drink plenty of water throughout the day, start feeling a little hungry about 3-4pm, at which point I decide whether to have a snack or wait until dinner.

On hungry days, breakfast might be a cheesy omelette with a portion of green veg, like broccoli, spinach or leek. Lunch could be an apple or light snack or could be a huge salad,

Almost without fail dinner is a portion of protein such as grass-fed meat or wild fish with two thirds of a plate of vegetables.

02. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

My typical routine isn’t very routine! People often underestimate how much physical work caring for children can be, especially when they’re young. Some days this alone can leave me feeling like I’ve hit the gym.

My husband enjoys callisthenics, and walks about 8km every day.

03. What keeps you feeling motivated?

Life in general is a great motivator at the moment, my children probably top that list. I’m not a young parent so it’s important to me that I stay as healthy and youthful as I can.

Seeing health improvements manifest in others that find their path because our results inspire them keeps me motivated too!

Every positive feedback from a Pebbles Pantry customer helps too!

04. What’s been the best moment for Pebbles Pantry to date?

The launch of our brand is still the most exciting moment I think, so much work went into it that first stage, the fact we’ve been well received means the world to me. We also feel extremely proud to be included not once, but twice in the Wellthos box. Then there’s the little moments during product development, successfully creating a recipe are moments that I will remember.

05. Your go to healthy snack? 

That’s easy, my favourite is Organic Greek Yoghurt topped with our cakes & some berries 🙂

06. Who inspires you whether in business or in life? 

I’ve never really been someone, who idolises just one person in particular. Everyday I get inspired by different people on different subjects. It could be someone random, famous, a friend or a customer. Why limit yourself to one person, when the world is filled with so many inspiring people. I do hope we can inspire others too through our brand & products, whether it’s healthier eating habits to chasing your dreams.

07. What trends do you see shaping the healthfood & nutrition market? 

I think more and more people will discover that real food is the way forward, minimising processed, refined food, maximising freshly prepared, nutrient dense foods. It seems more and more health professionals are getting onboard with this movement so hopefully people will start taking more responsibility for their diet.

08. What’s next for Pebbles Pantry?

We’ll keep making innovating delicious nutrient dense recipes so long as people want them. We have a few new recipes on the horizon for next year but exact details are secret I’m afraid.


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