CEO and Founder Rafael Rozenson of Vieve Protein Water gives us the low down on his NEW innovative protein water found in our March Wellthos box.

Vieve was born out of a frustration with the current state of protein products on the market. I’d always hated the work, mess and artificial taste of using powders and milky shakes. I wanted a protein solution that was easy, quick and (most importantly!) tasted great. Hence, Vieve was born! Well it wasn’t that easy lol… Actually it took about two years of trialling different protein combinations, recipes and flavours to deliver what I think is the best tasting protein drink on the market.

We like to think of Vieve as a hydrating protein top-up for busy, active people on the go. It contains 20g of protein, zero sugars and carbs, is fat free and low in calories. Unlike a lot of other protein drinks, we use collagen as our primary protein source which means that our product is dairy/lactose free. Vieve doesn’t leave you bloated like other protein products which tend to be whey based.   Also, we use no artificial flavours or colours and come in three very unique flavour combinations which you won’t find anywhere else on the market (somebody find me a rhubarb drink).

Our brand philosophy is simple: #GrabLife!   We aim to empower others to be their best through our strength and hydration messaging as well as our brand and product benefits. Since we’ve started we’ve received so many wonderful messages about how Vieve is helping people to make healthier choices. Some of these stories people have been kind enough to share and are captured on our blog: We’re grateful to have the opportunity to be able to make a positive impact in people’s lives after only being in market for a few months and look forward to continuing to create a brand that people love. Viva Vieve!


All of us at Wellthos wanted to get to know more about the awesome guy behind this amazing brand. We asked CEO and Founder Rafael Rozenson all those pressing questions we know all of you want to know too.

01. What would be your typical food diary?

Well I’m not a great cook so I have to confess that I eat out A LOT! Typically in the mornings I’ll have cereal with some fruit (I know – boring!). Lunch I almost always eat out although I try to make healthier choices (I’m a massive fan of POD when it comes to fast, healthy food). Dinner tends to be quite simple with whatever I can pick-up at M&S that I can put in the oven for 25-30 minutes plus some veg on the side. I know boring lol!

02. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

I work out about 4 times a week doing a mixture of weights with a focus on different body parts every day. I do cardio but maybe once a week at most with light running on the tread mill or a spinning class. Recently I’ve started working out with a training partner so I’m excited to mix up the routine a bit in the gym and try heavier weights as well!

03. What keeps you feeling motivated?

I run all of Vieve by myself and that keeps me really motivated and incredibly, incredibly busy lol. I love the fact that I’ve created a brand from scratch that people really resonate with and that I’ve managed to accomplish this all on my own. That’s a pretty motivating feeling to wake up to everyday. Let’s hope I can make it work lol!

04. What’s been the best moment for Vieve Protein Water to date?

I think when we sent a sample of our product to the associate editor of Men’s Health through our PR agency and he came back and said it was the best tasting protein drink he’d ever tried! My focus on starting the brand was creating a great tasting product so it felt really satisfying and validating.

To be honest the best moments happen everyday when I get messages from people saying Vieve is helping them live happier and healthier lives. For example, yesterday I got a message from a gentleman who has a gastro feeding tube and cannot eat or drink, but uses our product as a way of getting protein. I never thought I would create a product that helps people in this way! It’s a really satisfying feeling that drives a lot of the decision making for us as a business – we are really driven more than anything to create a brand that people truly love.

05. Your go to healthy snack?

Propercorn. Love. Love. Love. Propercorn.

06. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?

I was really inspired to start the business after reading the Walter Isaacson biograph of Steven Jobs. He definitely inspires me from a business point of view although his handling of his personal life left much to be desired. It’s amazing that one human being can be responsible for some many innovations that have fundamentally altered the course of humanity.

07. What trends do you see shaping the nutrition and fitness market?

I think there’s going to be a focus on a more holistic view of fitness – e.g. being physically fit doesn’t mean you necessarily having to confine yourself to the gym. You only have to look at the growth of things like Barry’s Bootcamp, running clubs, etc. which have been driven by a desire for people to get out of the gym to be physically active. People are looking for and valuing experiences and that can extend out to having more than just a functional place to work out. People are also looking to make personal connections through fitness, as this has been found to be a key motivator for people to be healthier. Technology will be an enabler in all of these things now and in the coming years to come.

From a nutritional point of view, I think the focus on Vegetarianism/Veganism is going to be more pronounced and continue to grow. There’s a realization that we’re destroying our planet and ourselves through an overreliance of meat and we simply have to change our behaviour. We trialled making a Vegan Vieve but sadly it didn’t work out, but it is definitely a priority for our brand to make a Vegan/Vegetarian variant in the future.

08. What’s next for Vieve Protein Water?

So much! We have quite an exciting and unique flavour pipeline in the next 6-12 months – our aim is every few months to bring out flavour combinations that taste amazing and have never been seen before in the market. On top of this we’re going to continue to build on our direct-to-consumer business, through an enhanced focus on our subscription service making it more convenient for people to order Vieve. We’ll also continuing to exploit all the capabilities of Amazon as we’ve just scratched the surface. We will also of course try to get into more stores with a big push into physical retail in 2018. Next, we are looking at expanding into other markets including other parts of Europe and the Middle East. Our big goal is to be in the USA in 1-2 years. Most importantly we want to continue to build a brand and a product that people really love and that drives us more than anything. So in short: watch this space!

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