Having spent a little while in a bit of a “funk” with my Yoga practice, I have recently re-developed my love of a home yoga practice (in addition to practicing with others & in a community or class setting) & I’m feeling pretty darn good about it! 


I’ve always enjoyed attending yoga workshops & local yoga classes as I have often found myself going deeper into my internal drishti (focus) and therefore deeper into the asanas (poses). Although, earlier this year, I began to find myself practicing the same old flow or sequence of asana when practicing at home. And as much as I was still enjoying it, I found I was lacking in creativity & progression.


I took the time to delve deeper into why I thought this was & now I want to share with you guys how I re-gained my excitement and passion to practice back.


1 – Set a sankalpa or intention


This gives purpose to your practice, enabling you to think about your most heartfelt desires. Setting a sankalpa or intention is not a quick fix, it is something that you sew deeply within your mind and nurture time and time again as you come to your mat.


2 – Leave your ego at the door


This is something I often say to my students at the beginning of a class (& I constantly re-iterate it to myself in my own practice). It is not all about how low your pelvis goes in the splits, or how long you hold a handstand for, but how you feel within the pose. Sustainability is about finding enjoyment in the journey, recognising and acknowledging how you feel in the present moment.


3 – Realistic with Time


We all lead pretty hectic lives nowadays, and therefore I often hear the phrase “I don’t have time”, & I’m no different, I’ve used that phrase myself! I can honestly say I do not have 60 – 90 minutes every day 6 or 7 days a week to practice. So instead, be realistic with the amount of time you DO have. My practice sometimes consists of a full 60 minutes practice, a 20 minutes drill based practice or even just 5 minutes of deep breathing.


4 – Go back to basics


Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and take some time in the foundational beginner asanas of the practice. Take the time to delve deeper into the pose (& I don’t necessarily mean physically deeper). Spend an extra couple of breaths in the beginner poses and tune into how you actually feel, what you could do differently in the pose & what differences does it make?


5 – Follow along online


On the days when you can’t get to class & you’re lacking some creativity or inspiration, jump online and follow along. You don’t need to pay for a subscription but there are hundred’s of Yogi’s leading classes free on Youtube or other websites. Pick one and enjoy!


I hope, if you find yourself in a funk, that you can take something away! But most importantly don’t give up! For more tips, advice and inspiration & of course if you want to connect & communicate with me then please head on over to Instagram and follow me @enerjize_fitness.


Emily-Jane x

Yoga Teacher – Emily Jane