Here’s to a happy and healthy year a head! In this month’s Wellthos box we’ve curated a selection of the latest products to kickstart your year and to inspire you to make conscious healthy choices. To help us spread this message that it’s not about putting restrictions on yourself or starting some sort of crazy diet we’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian Bari Stricoff to create an exclusive healthy, tasty treat for you. Bari is part of our Wellthos Expert Panel and is passionate about teaching others that healthy food is not only easy to prepare, but also delicious!

We’ve also partnered with Lauren Slater a personal trainer who four years ago founded her own business Clean Slate Wellbeing. The ethos for Lauren’s business is to help all her clients become the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. With the start of the year lots of people are currently setting goals and with this in mind Lauren has come up with a way to ensure you not just reach but smash your goals!

In this month’s box you’ll find:

01. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – This fruit infuser bottle allows you to add your favourite fruit flavours to water. With water being a massive part of a healthy lifestyle this bottle will create fruit infused water that is refreshing to drink.

02. Primrose Kitchen Raw Carrot and Cinnamon Muesli – Delicious gluten-free oats with fresh carrot and cinnamon. Balanced with a combination of apple, nuts & seeds as well as extra love from chia seeds and psyllium husks.

03. The Protein Ball Co. Cacao & Orange – A healthy and indulging handful of crunchy cacao nibs and raw pitted dates rolled together with whey protein and coated in fine cacao powder. If you have a chocolate craving then these will hit the spot!

04. Turmerlicious Choco Latte – A delicious instant hot drink packed with your daily does of turmeric. Using rich cocoa powder this gives a velvety chocolate taste with the warming undertones of ginger and cinnamon.

05.  Jake’s Boost Super Boost Pot – Move over sugary cereal bars there’s a new craving buster in town! A premium nut and seed spread with naturally air dried fruit crisps – snack ready in a pot.

06. The Gym Chef Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Pot – Bringing the flavour of the Caribbean to your meal prep with this all natural seasoning. There is no added salt, no added sugar, and there is no additives, preservatives or soya.

07. Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn Kale, Tomato and Chilli – A highly nutritious and truly satisfying snack that’s perfect on the go. Each and every bag is coated in the finest quality coconut oil and faba bean protein powder.

08. Nom Bar – The original nom bar is packed full of organic ingredients including gluten-free jumbo oats for slow release energy, virgin coconut oil and yummy cacao nibs. It is gluten-free, dairy free, high in fibre and vegan.

09. Nutty Cacao Cups – Nutty Cacao produces delicious treats that promise to leave your sweet tooth satisfied and your conscience guilt-free. The cheeky chocolate cups only use raw cacao and 100% natural ingredients.

10. Elsa’s 100% Natural Deodorant – Elsa’s 4 in 1 deodorant will deodorise, soothe, detoxify and nourish while boosting your confidence. A rare combination of all-natural ingredients that delivers 24 hour protection unlike that of any natural or conventional deodorant.



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