MAY’S BOX 2018

Discover the 10 different healthy snacks, nutritious ingredients, fitness accessories, recipes and workouts inside our May Wellthos box.

With the warm weather your attention may be shifted away from working out and eating healthy to planning

your next holiday or  BBQ. This month’s box is full of healthy inspiration to keep you on track and focused throughout the warmer temperatures (we all know it can be hard to workout when you’re already sweating in the summer heat before the workout has even begun), plus the majority of products in this month’s box are perfect for packing in your suitcase or hand luggage and taking away with you on your next getaway.

In our May 2018 Wellthos box you can find:

01. Eatwell-UK Nutri Fill-It x 2 Re-useable Pouches

Nutri Fill-It is a re-useable food pouch designed to carry homemade smoothies, yoghurts and just about all pureed food. BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and Lead Free. Can be used up to 100 times, then you can re-cycle it or return it to Nutri Fill-It to receive 30% off your next order!

02. Erbology Organic Amaranth Grain (500g)

Once the staple of the pre-Columbian Aztec diet, amaranth grain is naturally gluten-free and an excellent source of antioxidants and fibre. Amaranth tastes great hot or cold, in starters, mains or desserts. Delicious as a porridge and a wholesome ingredient for your salad or soup.

03. Boka Food Cereal Bar

No more worrying about hidden sugar or squinting at confusing food labels! Boka bars are unique, they are very low in sugar, fats and salt. Delicious too! Boka is unique in its four green traffic lights – meaning it’s low in everything that could be bad for you. End of stress.

04. Innate Beetroot Squares

A symphony of wonderous flavours with beetroot rocking centre stage taking you back to your roots while dropping beets not bombs! 100% natural, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, grain free and vegan.

05. Nuroco MCT Coffee

Nuroco’s not so secret, secret ingredients are unique fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides – MCTs for short. Combined with coffee, they act as a superfuel for you brain and body, providing an instant burst of energy.

06. Cocopro Coconut Water with Protein

The ultimate recovery drink. Combining coconut water benefits with 20g fast acting protein for an all natural, superior sports recovery drink.

07. The Great Stuff Company Popcorn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if popcorn was not only delicious, crunchy, and sweet but also reduced in fat, made with virgin oils and no refined sugars? Look no further your popcorn adventure starts here.

08. Modern Nature Natural Liquid Stevia

A pure tasting sugar-substitute containing zero sugar, zero calories, just sweetness from nature. Great for cooking, baking, hot & cold drinks, sauces and dressings. Why not add it to your smoothies and protein drinks.

09. Mindful Bites Nut Butter Sachets

An innovative mess-free squeeze sachet of nut butter, made of the highest quality nuts blended with superfoods. Healthy yet indulgent, these premium nut butters are sugar-free, gluten-free & vegan, a powerhouse of health with explosive taste.

10. Superfoodio Savoury Clusters

You’ll never find refined sugars or syrups in Superfoodio snacks. They use the humble sweet potato to shape these bite-sized clusters of nuts and seeds. Enjoy… Straight from the pack or as a topper on soups and salads.

Plus, receive a Wellthos magazine bursting with even more health and fitness inspiration, we have an exclusive recipe from Fitness Instructor Val and Nutritional Therapist Kat who together make up the healthy duo The Health Boost. We also have an exclusive killer core finisher workout from Personal Trainer Jess from @fitfoodielondon. Not to mention, we have lots of subscriber brand discounts, including an amazing discount from Lornajane Activewear, so you can revamp your Spring activewear collection.



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