This post is a slightly different topic and that is to stop being so hard on yourself. After going off track on a healthy eating regime or new fitness plan we often tell ourselves what a failure we are, how fat and ugly we are and that we can’t do it.

Let’s think about this for a moment……would you speak to a friend in that way? No, of course you wouldn’t (unless you are really mean) so why be so hard on yourself. 

We need to change our mindsets and realise that we are only human and will make mistakes, the key is to acknowledge slip ups for what they are, mere bumps in the road. Just because you ate a chocolate bar mid afternoon instead of the banana you were aiming for, it doesn’t mean you have to go home and eat an entire pizza and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Similarly if you miss a workout it doesn’t mean you are a failure and have to spend the rest of the week on the sofa. Remember, if one flower in a bouquet died, you wouldn’t throw away the whole vase would you?

So what can we do? Treat yourself like you would a friend who was on the same journey by being encouraging, not beating yourself up when you inevitably make mistakes and by focusing on all the good things you have achieved. Be mindful and focus on the present and know that one slip up is not the end, acknowledge it and move on. If you miss a workout just work that little bit harder the following day. If you find yourself reaching for unhealthy choices a little bit too often, think about the foods you feed your children or a loved one; you want to give them the healthiest foods so that they thrive, you should be no different and you are just as important.

Think about this, stop being so hard on yourself and work on becoming the best version of you. Life is about balance.

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Luisa Personal Trainer

Luisa – Personal Trainer