‘Wellthos’ interview with Ann Perkins, Co-founder and Director at PERK!ER on a mission to perk up the nations nutrition!
Ann founded PERK!ER a few years ago with her partner Steve Turner; after Ann had to
remove gluten and from her diet she felt so much better, much energised and happy, but
found the choice of snacks and breakfasts lacking great health benefits she needed in her
diet. PERK!ER is a mash-up of their surnames.
1. What would be your typical food diary?
Alpro Almond Soya Yoghurt, a few blueberries, and some chunks of
our PERK!ER Coconut & Chia Quinoa bar; Big mug of Earl Grey Tea and
Almond Milk


Bowl of salad leaf, tomatoes, cucumber, roasted peppers, roasted
squash and a sprinkling of chilli flakes with Quinoa or Buckwheat crackers by
Le Pain des Fleurs. If I have some Kimchi available I’ll a spoon of this too as a
natural prebiotic


A handful of seeds, nuts and grapes and of course a PERK!ER
Quinoa bar! Usually a PERK!ER Cacao & Cashew Quinoa bar in the afternoon!


Sweet potato wedges, courgetti salad with chilli, lemon and green
olives (check out the Leon recipe, it’s delish!), Smoked Tofu lightly grilled with
sumac, grilled peppers and a handful of rocket

2. What’s your typical weekly fitness routine?

10,000 steps a day is my goal! Even if I’m walking at 11pm!!
Gym 5 to 6 times a week mainly using weights for strength training
3. What keeps you feeling motivated?
My mission! To seek out the most nutritious wholefoods on the planet,
abundant in nutrients your body needs to thrive, and use them in delicious
ways to provide long lasting energy, everyday

4. What’s been the best moment for Perk!er to date?

Blimey that’s a difficult one!! I’d say launching our PERK!ER Quinoa bars into
so many amazing stores so quickly, Steve and I were just blown away by the
response to our all our focused hard work
5. Your go to healthy snack?
Hmm.. PERK!ER Quinoa bars of course!
6. Who inspires you whether in business or in life?
People who overcome personal adversity to really champion a cause they
believe in passionately. For example Katie Piper, a victim of a horrendous acid
attack gave up anonymity in order to increase awareness about burn victims.
Despite her own challenges with her health she has shown for years such
personal bravery and strength – a beacon of inspiration for so many

7. What trends do you see shaping the nutrition market?

All Natural ingredients, Veganism, Superfoods and Protein, mostly from plants

8. What’s next for Perk!er?

We’re a small team of 5, and we’re recruiting some more Perkies to join our
movement! We’re also working on some exciting, top secret NPD.. shh!

To find out more about Perk!er Foods visit them at


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